Relationships and Characterization

Intimacy and Relationships

This may seem obvious to most, but as a new writer exploring romantic fiction, it became glaringly apparent last week how important the subject of relationships is when coming up with convincing romantic characters. I mean, let’s face it. Romantic fiction is about the relationship, right? We love to see how the hero and heroine get together; fall in love, and make things work despite overwhelming difficulties and differences. It’s the development of their relationship that makes us want to read to the end of the story.

Personally, I’ve had few if any romantic relationships in my lifetime. Not that I haven’t wanted any; things just never seemed to work out to that end. I think like most I have dreams and ideas of the kind of man I’d want as a mate. Maybe someday I’ll meet “Mr. Right.” But for now, I have my imagination and my romance novels. Don’t feel sad for me. It’s not so bad. I am a very independent woman who enjoys her solitude…at times. So for me, the right man would not be intimidated by my independence and be intelligent and strong enough to stand on his own while allowing me to do the same. Of course, he’d have to be a real hunk too. LOL. But enough about my dream man, let’s get back to our subject.

As a writer I think it’s important to gain all the tools you need to write the best fiction/non-fiction you are able. Tools, like in any profession, are necessary to do your job right. Understanding relationships is just another tool, especially if you are writing any type of romantic fiction.

To sharpen this tool and add it to my arsenal, I’ve taken to exploring this subject and plan to make it a weekly if not a daily practice. Last week was spring break for me, but it didn’t slow me down because the fact is I need to write and keep pushing for my goals no matter what. So I took the time every day during spring break to research relationships.

Here are just a few of the articles, blogs, and websites I found. I’ll try to remember to include a few more in my weekly blog. They have already given me some great ideas for characters and their development. has some really great content about men and what they are thinking, especially about women.

KD Neumann has her own website but also writes for, a blog on dating.

Everyone knows about They have an archive of articles on the subject of dating and relationships.

Whenever I see a news article on that involves something I think might be related to or an example of dating and relationships, I read it. Here are a few articles I came across.

What men and women notice on dates

The truth about the lies men tell

5 Bad traits that make him a good partner

I hope you enjoyed my blog on relationships. Please, share your comments or other resources you’ve found helpful whether on this subject or something else entirely.

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