2012 OWFI Writer’s Conference – Part 2: Platform Building

It was so nice to see the support and friendships forged between the people attending the conference. It was a great time of connection. I made some new friends and connected with my local writer’s group the Norman Galaxy of Writers. I went to their monthly meeting and learned so much. It was great!

Authors are a special group of people. They all dream of writing a bestselling novel, but they enjoy seeing others achieve the same dream and helping them to that end if possible. This not only happens in reality but in the virtual world as well.

Part of building an author platform includes socializing online. It is a way to get the word out that you exist, that you have something to say or offer to others in your online community. It’s how people connect and share information, and an opportunity to support others with similar goals.

That is why Guest Blogging is becoming so popular. Authors are able to help other authors to get the word out. This is basically “word of mouth” which everyone in marketing knows is a powerful thing in sales. It still is; it has simply taken a different form online. Social media, lovely term, is a shout out, a modern day soap box. It’s an opportunity to share your favorite authors and books with others who might enjoy the stories you enjoy.

So you can see why blogging, social media, and guest blogging are such powerful things when trying to market your novels.

Dan Case talked about these things and some techniques you can use to make money with online publishing and marketing tricks to maximize your sales. Some things I was already aware of, but he pointed out several techniques I had never thought about before (probably because I’m not a Marketer).

Dan will be speaking in Ft. Worth in June. The topic will be Blogging. Click here for details on time and place of meetings. Dan is speaking at the Saturday, June 9, 2012 meeting. The

There are also lots of articles online and in the Writer’s Market books that provide great instruction on building your platform. There are too many techniques to go into here. Suffice it to say, building a platform is very important if you want to get the word out about your novels. And these days, most publishers expect you to contribute to marketing your work in this manner.

I just found out that Steven James is speaking in California at the Writer’s Digest 2012 Conference West in October 2012. Wish I could go. But if anyone out there is able to, I highly suggest you hear him speak. He is certainly worth it!

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