Something’s Gotta Give!

Ever heard the phrase “Something’s gotta give!” Well unfortunately this was it for me the past two months. I would like to report that while I haven’t made any progress on my novel, I have been writing. I wrote term papers for my english class in August, business editorials (for money) in the Edmond Outlook Magazine (check out the July and August issues, as well as September when it comes out), and a few short stories (which I hope to enter in a few contests this year). So I have been writing and learning. I went to a mini-conference sponsored by my local ACFW group, OKC Christian Fiction Writers, and learned quite a bit about the writing process.

I joined a few online writing loops after joining American Christian Fiction Writers, but I’ve found that it’s just not possible to keep up with all the emails and find time to write. So…something’s gotta give! I’m going to drop out of those loops and focus on my novel again.

Another semester at University of Central Oklahoma starts on Monday, and one of my writing classes will focus on finishing a novel. I’m glad. It just might be the impetus I need to finish my first novel.

Sure I have other writing endeavors I’d love to try out and explore, but…something’s gotta give, right?

For now, I plan to keep my part-time journalism job with Edmond Outlook and focus back on my novel. However, if I see my news articles interfering with my school work or writing my novel…well, something’s gotta give!

I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress as I have time. Actually, I’m really excited to see if I can get my novel done by years end. Can’t wait to see the process to completion. That’s one great thing about taking classes, they give you solid deadlines you can’t ignore like the ones you set for yourself.

Happy writing!

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